Adoption Guidelines

At Carmen's Resuce, we work to ensure pets and families are well matched. It is in the best interest of the animal and the adopting family.

  • You Must Be 25 Years or Older
  • All Members Living in the Home Must Meet the Animal Prior to Adoption and  Be In Agreement About Adding a New Dog to the Household.
  • Adoption Applications Must Be Filled Out Prior
  • References Are Required & Will Be Contacted
  • You Must Provide the Name of Your Current or Potential Veterinary Clinic.
  • We Prefer Adopters Own Their Residence, but Some Exceptions Can Be Made.
  • If You Rent, We Will Contact Your Landlord to Confirm a Dog Is Allowed.
  • Home Visits May Be Required.
  • Any Current Animals Must Be Up-to-Date on Vaccinatons,Heartworm Tested Annually and On Heartworm Preventative.
  • CLICK HERE to Strart Your Application